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This is the part of our official webshop where you’ll find plenty of lovely women’s leather footwear. Here we have all kinds of shoes, like ankle boots, high heels, sneakers, sandals, and winter boots, all made in various delicate leather materials, all from Shoe the Bear and all in the highest quality. We consider great craftsmanship to be the primary factor determining true quality, which is why footwear from Shoe the Bear is mostly handmade. Quality is of utmost importance to us, but so is design. When we go through the process of designing the next great women’s shoe, we always keep in mind how they would fit different outfits, and for which occasions these different outfits are worn.

That’s why we have designed shoes that will make you stand out from the crowd, but in various ways. If you want to dress casually at work, in school or just any other common everyday activity, we have a wide range of fashionable trainers for you to choose from. With our leather trainers you can improve your casual outfit, look good and feel comfortable as ever. If you want to look stunning for an upcoming wedding, or any other special and important occasion, and you need a new pair of shoes to help you make that happen, you need not look any further. We have high heels of high quality, and shoes that will make you shine, even when everybody around you tries to do so too. 

Leather shoes and boots for women

Only very few places in the world have little to no winter at all during the year, and in case you aren’t among those lucky few who lives there, we have something for you that you might find useful during the cold winter seasons. Boots for the winter, to protect your feet and toes from the clinching cold, without compromising on the looks for the sole purpose of functionality. Some people make certain sacrifices in order to keep looking beautiful, but we have found a way to avoid such dilemmas in regards to winter footwear, through the classy and sophisticated design we have come up with for our winter leather boots from Shoe the Bear.

The leather materials as well as the production process is taken great care of, since all of our leather footwear is made in Portugal with love. The design is mostly minimalistic, due to the fact that the heart of Shoe the Bear is scandinavian. Despite the classic minimalistic feel our shoes have to them, we sometimes just can’t keep away our urge to experiment a little. So once in a while you’ll see some leather shoes in our Women’s section that are straight out of the ordinary, and in case you do notice some of these different looking shoes we’ve made, please look a bit deeper. You are the one to decide whether the results of our experiments are extraordinary or excruciating, or whether they are somewhere in between.