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Welcome, nihao, ohoi dear friend! 

This is our personal (and virtual) way of presenting to you what’s in store, in storage and last but definitely not least - our most recent leather innovations. When looking through our collections, you may notice that we don’t limit ourselves to only a few designs. That’s because we consider leather shoes to be a perfectly possible addition to any outfit, let it be casual or classy, or somewhere inbetween. Good-looking leather shoes are always useful, always relevant, for winter seasons as well as summer seasons. If you need to rise to the occasion, a special occasion like a wedding, an important meeting, a dinner party, or you just mean serious business when working everyday at the office, we intend to assist you in stepping your game up, and look sharp.

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We consider experienced craftsmanship and high quality to go hand in hand, which is why many of our styles are handmade to the bone. We have good friends in Portugal, and these good friends of ours know exactly how we want the quality. We and our portuguese friends mutually understand something very important in regards to Shoe the Bear which is, that only the best is what’s good enough. When designing shoes, we tend to stick to a minimalistic approach by following our scandinavian hearts, and yet we have some of those days, where the urge to experiment a little is just too much to keep in check. But we don’t mind that, and you don’t either. It’s healthy to break a limit or two, once in a while, and the end result can be either excruciating or exhilarating, but that’s for you to decide. Anyways, it’s great to see you here. We sincerely hope you’ll find what you are looking for, or even better, something you haven’t yet realised you needed. Enjoy!